About Thorvald

Anne Dingstad, CEO

“I believe technology and robotics are the solution to feed the world. It is therefore a privilege to lead our talented and dedicated team in developing less labour constrained products and services. We work hard to empower growers to maximize yield while reducing waste, use of chemicals, and carbon emissions, and thereby become the preferred scalable technology partner for soft fruit, horticulture and viticulture growers.”

Pål Johan From,
Co-Founder & CPO

"I passionately believe robotics can make an enormous positive difference to farmers. Technology is allowing an ever-growing number of jobs done on many farms to be easily transferred to robots, freeing up time and resource to focus on the jobs which require human involvement. And the results are backing us up, with customers saving significant amounts of labour time/cost and improving yields. And we are still only the early foothills of what we’ll see in coming years!"

Thorvald engineer
male mechanical engineer designs agricultural robots
Mechanical Engineer with Thorvald

Solving critical issues

Thorvald first emerged in the robotics group at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences where the team saw the need to introduce robots into agriculture in order to solve critical issues such as labour shortages, sustainability and yield security.

Thorvald was then established as a company in its own right, committed to delivering autonomous services for the soft-fruit agricultural industry, combining a robust mechanical design with intelligent autonomy.

Thorvald Engineers in Norway office

It’s all about partnerships

Our mission from the outset has been to transform farming into a service sector, making agriculture more profitable with reduced risk to the grower, more environmentally friendly, and to produce cheaper, better and healthier food. For us, it’s all about partnerships.

Our vision is fields, greenhouses, tunnels, orchards and vineyards improved by Thorvald as it applies UV-C light and conducts a wide-range of other repetitive, labour-intensive tasks on-farm.

Our partners

Thorvald Engineers with Thorvald at Riseholme, Lincoln
University partners

While our focus is now on providing a service to our network of grower/partners around the world, we absolutely recognise that academia has an interest in our robots and have sold the Thorvald platform to a number of them in the US, UK and Greece.

The team

We are a team of around 50 split between sites in Norway, the UK (Lincoln & Kent) and the US. We are made up of agri-specialists, engineers, scientists, sales, marketing and finance.

Want to learn more about the team? Please contact us.