What do we do?

Saga Robotics are developing robotic solutions for soft fruit production, and are involved in several exciting projects world wide, including Norway, UK, and USA. The company works closely with universities as well as industry leaders in robotics and fruit production to create autonomous robots for farmers. Saga Robotics develops robotic hardware and software, and is the creator of the world-leading Thorvald mobile platform, as well as patent pending solutions for robotic strawberry harvesting. The company is a leading actor in the emerging agricultural robotics market, with a rapidly increasing number of robots in commercial operation.

Where are we located?

The company head office is located in the heart of the Norwegian capital, Oslo. This is where we design our robots and the tools they carry. We have a strong team of mechanical engineers, and from our in-house workshop, we prototype and test the farming hardware of tomorrow. The Oslo office is where company management is located, and it is also the base for our commercial operations in Norway. The company still has a strong connection to its roots at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, located just south of Oslo.

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United Kingdom
Most of our commercial operations as well as research and development is based in the UK. In Lincoln we have a solid team of robotics engineers, scientists and software developers, who develop our robot’s AI, autonomous navigation and remote supervision tools. Our mechatronics team work closely with the Norwegian branch to develop and test new robots and tools. The branch cooperates with the University of Lincoln and other leaders in the agri-tech domain on multiple innovative projects.

Our operations team is located in Maidstone, Kent. They work closely with farmers and make sure that operations run smoothly by maintaining our robotic fleet and overseeing operations.

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United States of America
We currently have robots in both Florida and New York. The US department's main tasks are to deploy, operate and maintain the US robots. The Florida office focuses on strawberry operations in open fields and the New York office is conducting operations in vineyards.




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What do we offer?

At Saga Robotics we host a great work environment where every voice is heard. We regularly host social events that range from having a relaxed dinner at a resturant to competative team building games.

As part of the Thorvald team you get to work with the state of the art technology and the world leading Thorvald platform. You will have the opportunities to work in the office, as well as in the field getting hands on with the robots.


We are involved in projects with universities and industry leaders in robotics.