Our robots

All the Thorvald robots are built using the same components, but we customize each robot for your specific needs based on the innovative modular design. We can therefore deliver robots using standard parts but customized design to serve your needs. All our robots are built to operate in an outdoor environment. They are therefore IP67 classified at all the lower parts that may be submersed in water (wheels, lower gears, etc), and IP56 for the rest of the robot.

We currently have three different series:

https://sagarobotics.com/blogs/news/162130055-w-series-br-working-horse-pure-powerThe W-series is the working horse of the Thorvald platforms. It can be delivered with four-wheel drive and four wheel steering (W4.4) for energy demanding tasks, or a simpler two-wheel drive (W2.0) for simpler and less energy-demanding tasks.

The C-series is a more compact design, primarily for indoor use in tight spaces like greenhouses. You can customize the width of your robot to your spaces and needs. We currently have two version of the C-series, the C1.1 with on wheel drive and steering and the C2.0 with skid steering.

The R-series are customized platforms built for research purposes. These robots are built to operate in test fields with narrow tracks and high ground clearance. The R-series operate in the field without damaging the plants, and are therefore narrower and higher than the W-series. It can be delivered with the same configurations as the W-series.