Saga Robotics delivers excellent results in their biggest season yet

Saga Robotics unveils nationwide expansion of their Thorvald Robotic Services, leading innovation in sustainable strawberry farming in the UK

Saga Robotics, a leading ag-tech innovator, proudly announces a significant expansion of its Thorvald robotic services across the United Kingdom for the upcoming growing season. With newly established hubs in Kent, the South, and Scotland, Saga Robotics has become a national provider of autonomous robotic services, setting a new standard for sustainable and efficient strawberry production.

Saga Robotics is operating on an area four times larger than last season, thanks to strategic expansion and collaboration with nine of the most innovative and leading strawberry growers across Great Britain. In Kent, our customers include Clock House Farm, Rumwood Green Farm, Hugh Lowe Farms, and Chambers Farms. Moving south, Thorvald’s customers include New Forest Fruit Company and The Summer Berry Company, while in Scotland, Thorvald works with leading members of the Angus Growers Group; LM Porter and East Scryne Farm. The partnership with Great Britain’s key industry players underscore Saga Robotics’ ambition and dedication to being the number one autonomous robotics service provider in the nation.

Sandy Booth, owner of New Forest Fruit Company underscores the significant benefits of integrating Thorvald into their operations, particularly in reducing pesticide usage and enhancing yield quality. He shares, “Over the past few years, we have been working on integrating robots into our strawberry-growing operation. Moving our focus towards using non-chemical crop protection via robotic technology will help to protect the environment as we strive towards achieving our goals for innovation and sustainability. We are proud to have partnered with an industry-leading company like Saga Robotics, to enable us to make positive changes”

Similarly, Angela Porchez, General Manager at Angus Growers in Scotland, appreciates the potential of the Thorvald autonomous robotic platform for enhancing sustainable farming practices in the area. She shares, “Embracing the Thorvald autonomous platform positions us at the forefront of agricultural innovation in Scotland. This technology introduces new possibilities in strawberry production, with its advanced services for crop management and disease control aligning with our commitment to sustainable agriculture. Collaborating with Saga Robotics is a pivotal step for us, making us the first in Scotland to adopt such sophisticated robotic technology, and reaffirming our dedication to environmentally responsible farming practices in the region.”

Transformative Impact of Thorvald

Saga Robotics’ Thorvald platform is transforming the UK strawberry farming landscape. Now treating nearly one in ten berries, Thorvald achieves a remarkable 60-90% reduction in pesticide usage and delivers a 40% return on investment for customers. Notably, a single Thorvald 3 robot over its lifetime is equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas absorption of around 3,000 mature trees, reducing approximately 150 tonnes of emissions.

Sustainably profitable

Anne Dingstad, CEO of Saga Robotics, emphasises Thorvald’s tangible benefits: “In an era where sustainability and health are paramount, our autonomous robotic platform Thorvald represents a significant leap forward. We’re not just reducing chemical usage; we’re creating a synergy between technology and nature for a healthier, safer, and more sustainable approach to food production. As we expand, the UK’s leading growers are increasingly choosing Thorvald as their environmentally sustainable and commercially viable service for pest management.”

Next-Generation Thorvald

The Next-Gen Thorvald 3 robot represents a leap forward in robotic farming technology. Designed for enhanced productivity and scalability, it employs high-intensity UV-C light to control powdery mildew, thus significantly reducing the need for chemical interventions. Additionally, Thorvald 3 is outfitted with an expanding array of automated tools, including advanced data collection capabilities, and predatory mites dispensing. These features enable it to excel in a wide range of tasks from disease management to crop prediction, providing a comprehensive autonomous service for British strawberry growers.