Thorvald platform

Where plant biology meets cutting-edge technology. Multi-functional and autonomous, Thorvald is transforming the scope of modern farming.


Modular Construction

Thorvald is a number of different robots rolled into one, all built using the same basic modules, and rebuilt using only basic hand tools. The modules are designed to enable high quality robots that can quickly be customised for a given application in a given environment, such as a greenhouse, tunnel, open field and vineyard.


Thorvald can perform tasks such as UV-C light treatment, picking fruits and vegetables, phenotyping, in-field transportation, cutting grass for forage, spraying and data collection/crop prediction.
Thorvald is autonomous so it operates entirely on its own. Our dedicated team is constantly working on developing solutions to other real-world agricultural problems.


Powdery mildew is an expensive problem which needs tight control. Thorvald provides that control, protecting your valuable plants/vines through the application of UV-C light, at night, so you and your team don’t have to.

UV-C Light Treatment Process

Thorvald safely protects plants from powdery mildew through the application of high-intensity UV-C light. Live data is also transferred back to the farmer as part of Thorvald’s treatment schedule.

Flexible, reliable, autonomous, efficient.

Thorvald has been designed to work across all farming environments and terrains. Its modular construction means there are almost limitless possibilities for adaption, tools and applications. While Thorvald performs autonomous farming tasks, you and your team can focus on managing the farm as a whole.

All Terrain

Designed for all farming environments, including polytunnels, open fields and vineyards.


Thorvald is easily customised to perform almost limitless tasks around the farm.


Thorvald navigates autonomously using proprietary state of the art software.


Thorvald has been tested over thousands of kilometres in challenging, real-world agricultural environments.

How childhood play led to tackling world hunger with robots

Meet Halvard Grimstad, Head of Deployment and one of the Robotic Engineers working with Thorvald. Halvard grew up in Norway surrounded by farms and playing with Lego. As a Robotics Engineer, he combines his love for nature and putting things together to create robots that will revolutionise farming.

A sustainable future

“I see robotics as key to decarbonising some in field operations, for example we can use solar charged robots instead of tractors. Robots are a huge part of our future and a partnership with Thorvald is a real key to achieving that, especially through the Robotic Highways project which we are both involved with.”

Oliver Pascall, Clock House Farm