Thorvald platform

Where plant biology meets cutting-edge technology. Multi-functional and autonomous, Thorvald is transforming the scope of modern farming.

We partner with growers to protect crops, increase quality and enable a more sustainable future.

Thorvald safely protects your plants intelligently and efficiently. It can also carry out a wide range of other repetitive, labour-intensive tasks to help make your season a success.


No CO2 emissions during operation and reduced fungicides make Thorvald a clean, environmentally friendly solution.

Cost effective

Thorvald makes you less dependent on scarce labour and reduces the labour costs per hectare.

Modular System

Thorvald can be tailored to your needs, with a variety of tools being developed for more on-farm tasks.


Thorvald navigates autonomously using proprietary state of the art software and is operated via an intuitive, easy to use interface.

The Ultimate in On-farm Adaptability

Through its modular design, the Thorvald system is flexible and adaptable. The robots can be assembled to work with different crops, different landscapes and geographies - with different field sizes and layouts.

Thorvald UV-C Light Treatment at night

The Thorvald Team

Find out more about the team behind Thorvald, including our roots in the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and the University of Lincoln. Learn how we partner with others to contantly evolve Thorvald.


Latest News

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Thorvald doing light treatment on strawberries at night
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